Manhattan - Exploratory

As part of my continuing work rebranding WGN America, I was heavily involved in the spring 2014 launch of their first original dramatic series, Salem. Later in 2014, I was asked to develop further creative for their second original dramatic offering, Manhattan. My involvement consisted of an extensive exploration that included logo design, identity design, and mood development.

As with Salem, launching a show like Manhattan is a group effort. Some aspects I was much more involved in than others. I have tried my best to assign proper credit to those parties involved. That said, a lot of my DNA is present in the creative I'm presenting.


Manhattan is about the team of scientists at Los Alamos who developed the first atomic bombs, and the lives of their families in the artificial suburban subdivision the government built to house them.

None of the scientists were allowed to discuss their research with their families, and knowledge of the whole scope of the project (to build a weapon capable of destroying all life on earth) was known only to a select few. Conspiracy, lies, paranoia and the moral conflict are themes that run throughout the show.

Expectations going into the premiere of the show were modest. The ratings were lower than for Salem, but the critical response was very positive. The show did well enough that it was renewed for a second season.

The Process

I utilized a small creative team, consisting of inside and outside talent - Evelyn Lim, Susan Armstrong, Miguel Hernandez, and Eric Diga. We were given the freedom to engage in an open-ended creative exploration - logos, style-frames, poster designs, or storyboards - whatever grabbed us.

Styleframe Montage

Designs by Eric Diga

Designs by Miguel Hernandez


One Nation Army

Wish I Was Here


Designs by Evelyn Lim



Design by Susan Armstrong


The Product

Promo Package


Designs by Maude & Refinery

Show Open

Produced by Imaginary Forces