WGN America - Case Study


The Challenge

Old Logo

I was asked in Fall of 2013 to redesign the logo and brand identity of Tribune Media's sole national cable entity, WGN America.

WGN America is a basic cable and satellite television channel - owned by Tribune Broadcasting and available in approximately 73,969,000 pay television households (64.77% of households with television) in the United States.

WGN America is transitioning from a channel based around syndicated programming, sports and news - into a showcase for original programming produced through Tribune's subsidiary, Tribune Studios. The first of these shows, an hour-long drama called Salem, aired in Spring of 2014 – followed shortly thereafter by their second drama, Manhattan, in the Summer of 2014.

The existing logo at the time had a retro feel, more in line with its programming lineup.

My task was to "mature" the brand by creating a more adult, sophisticated logo-mark. Something that would not look out of place in the company of the brands with which we hoped to compete - AMC or FX.

The Process

I commissioned four designers (Evelyn Lim, Jim Read, Jorge Peschiera, and Arnold Marzan) plus myself, to design a selection of new marks for the channel. For the initial round of designs, I wanted as many distinctive logos as I could get. Here are a few.

The Product

A final design was chosen, and implemented.

Final design by Evelyn Lim.

Print implementation by Kelli Szluka.

On-Air Implementation

Off-Air Implementation

Poster designs by Arsonal, Maude, Art Machine and Refinery.