What is VRV?

For the last year I've been working on a brand new streaming product called VRV.

VRV is a premium SVOD service with the best anime, adult animation, gaming, comedy, sci-fi, and horror content. Built to super-serve a passionate community of superfans, and provide them the best of the content they love.

Please to enjoy!

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EPIX - Branding & Promotions

EPIX is a long-time client of mine. I’ve been involved with the brand in one way or another since before it was launched in 2009. Since 2011, I’ve done long freelance stints with them, supplying design, animation, art direction, and the like. Mainly, I’m involved in corporate branding and promotion.

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Manhattan - Case Study

As part of my continuing work rebranding WGN America, I was heavily involved in the spring 2014 launch of their first original dramatic series, Salem. Later in 2014, I was asked to develop further creative for their second original dramatic offering,Manhattan. My involvement consisted of an extensive exploration that included logo design, identity design, and mood development.

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Salem - Case Study

While working on the rebrand of WGN America, I was heavily involved in the launch of their first original dramatic series, Salem. My involvement included managing the logo development process, the development of the on-air promotional look for the show, as well as being a significant part of the off-air creative development.

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WGN America - Rebrand Case Study

I was asked in Fall of 2013 to redesign the logo and brand identity of Tribune Media's sole national cable entity, WGN America.

WGN America is a basic cable and satellite television channel - owned by Tribune Broadcasting and available in approximately 73,969,000 pay television households (64.77% of households with television) in the United States.

WGN America is transitioning from a channel based around syndicated programming, sports and news - into a showcase for original programming produced through Tribune's subsidiary, Tribune Studios. The first of these shows, an hour-long drama called Salem, aired in Spring of 2014 – followed shortly thereafter by their second drama, Manhattan, in the Summer of 2014.

The existing logo at the time had a retro feel, more in line with its programming lineup.

My task was to "mature" the brand by creating a more adult, sophisticated logo-mark. Something that would not look out of place in the company of the brands with which we hoped to compete - AMC or FX.

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