ALKEMY X - Case Study

In August 2014, Shooters, Inc./Bigsmack -  a prominent commercial and television production, branding, design and visual effects company - decided to join their separate identities under one umbrella. The goal was to emphasize a more holistic creative message. I was commisioned to design a logo and typeset for the relaunched company.

Round 1 - Logo Treatments

 Initially, the name of the company was simply ALKEMY.

Round 2 - Logo Treatments

For the second round, one logo approach was selected. This treatment happened to be made from custom lettering I designed for the project. I explored variations on weight and color. Also, the name of the company had been changed to ALKEMY X.

Round 3 - Final Logo

Round 4 - Custom Font

Finally I was asked to design a custom display typeface version of the ALKEMY X type I had designed for the logo. I was also asked to supply a selection of secondary type options to supplement the custom fonts. I designed 3 weights for the final type, and I supplied both a sans serif (Avant Garde), and a serif typeface (Serifa) for the secondary typesets.